And hearts don't lie, they just quiver in fear.

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älskare av kärlek

My name is Haley. I'm eighteen & I live in the hicktown: Morganton, North Carolina.

I'm what my friends say " a lover of love" I'm insanely short and surprisingly my temper is even shorter. I am terrified of birds, I'm indecisive on nearly everything , and music<3 completes me. I laugh too loud and spend too much time on the computer. I <3 photography & I aspire to be a singer or a child psychiatrist (big difference, huh?) I'm the queen of awkward situations and petty fears. I have big dreams and I want to change the world one soul at a time.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on here or even thought about this thing…   So much has changed over this span of time: good, bad, beautiful, and terrible.  It’s funny how much things change… But I’m back and blog ready.  So, to all of you who still follow me after a year of nothings from my blog- Fanks! You are all wonderful and beautiful people, good vibes to you all! (: 

A habit I wish I didn’t have…. Cursing! I have the mouth of a sailor and it’s not very professional or lady-like. But, it also gives off the wrong impression of me. It makes me look as if I’m one of those raunchy girls that don’t care about anything and I seem kinda mean… Neither of them are true for me. But every time I try to quit cursing….I fail, miserably.